I now offer tutoring to a limited number of students.  As you can read about from my background, I have a true passion for helping kids learn.  I hold a BS in Education, an MA in Kinesiology and doctoral work in Human Physiology.  I  have taught at the college level as well as tutored.

I have taken Calculus I, Calculus II,  Differential Equations, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Physics I, Physics II, Biology I, Biology II among my  undergraduate coursework at the University of Kansas.   Topics that I tutor on include:

  • Basic math
  • Pre algebra
  • Algebra
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Basic chemistry
  • More

There are infinite ways to teach kids.  The key is to find the way that they learn best.  Once that door is opened, there is no limit to the things that kids (of all ages) can learn.

I offer tutoring  kids from K-8 in reading, writing, math and science; as well as high school age in select subjects.   I love working with kids who have a remedial need as well as kids who are advanced and their parents want to keep the learning going.

Contact me at dlynnw@lccstudio.com to check availability, get on our waiting list or  set up a time to talk about your child' s needs.

Rate:  $50 per hour


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