The BEST Thing You Can Do for Your Baby’s Brain Development!

If I told you that you could improve your child's vocabulary, IQ and academic success later in life by doing this simple thing, would you do it? Most parents are surprised to learn that one of the best things they can do to help their baby's brain develop is to talk to them. Every day. All the time.

A research study by Hart and Risley from the University of Kansas details that the way parents and caregivers speak to kids significantly impacts IQ, literacy, and academic success later in life. (one of the 10 basic principles of Innovate Your Baby is to talk to your baby in his language and yours.) Basically, parents who talk to their kids from infancy raise children with more developed vocabularies, better language skills, and more academic success. Just by the simple act of talking. This does not really take any additional time for a parent and pays huge dividends.

Many parents would talk more to their babies if they only realized the impact this simple act could have for the rest of their child’s life.
This information is not new. Hart and Risley did their work over 16 years ago. We have known for years, even decades, that how we interact with our babies makes a profound difference of the course of their lives. So why aren’t we doing what we need to do to help our kids develop more effectively? I believe the simple answer is that most parents simply don’t know about the very easy ways they can help develop their babies’ brains and intelligence. Many parents hear about flash cards, baby genius videos and the latest boutique day care or preschool and think these things will give their child an advantage. Maybe so. Maybe not. What has been proven for decades is that the parents themselves can actually give their child experiences that increase intelligence and IQ. And it is EASY. Scientific research on baby development and the impact of stimulating activities during the early years is undebatable. The experts agree, and their research backs it up, that parents can significantly influence their children’s intelligence, vocabulary, language development and even IQ through their early interactions even from the first day of life.

Tips for talking to your infant:

  • Explain what you are doing
  • Show them the things around them and explain what they are
  • Tell them what you are going to do for the day
  • Ask them questions (even though they can't answer)
  • Recap events for them

Start talking to your baby today and give them a gift that will last the rest of their lives!