Deborah White, Innovation and Child Development Expert, Keynote Speaker

Deborah has delivered programs for dozens of industries while serving as a corporate vice president, consultant and child development expert.   She has worked with varied groups from C suite executives to new moms.  Her specialty and and true love is speaking to moms, dads, grandparents and child care providers about the easy fun ways to help build infants's brains during the first year of life.  Each presentation is customized to your specific goals and objectives. A skilled presenter, Deborah speaks to groups ranging in size from a dozen to hundreds. Popular topics include:

Using your "Baby Time" with Purpose and Doing Activities That Make A Difference

We assume that the standard ways of helping babies develop is what every parent should be doing.  We couldn't be more wrong. Drawing from studies of infant and toddler IQ and brain development, Deborah reveals why the parents who go slightly off the beaten path, those who understand how they make a difference in their baby's development, are probably raising smarter happier babies than parents focused on the status quo.

Using humorous stories and cutting edge research, Deborah shows you why a sense of purpose is the most powerful development motivator and how to instill it in yourself, your family and your caregiver.

The Surprisingly Simple Secrets to Helping Your Baby Develop

Based on Deborah’s revolutionary guide, The Baby Development Planner, this powerful program is for parents, grandparents, nannies and day care providers who want to give babies early advantages with the best start in life.

Deborah teaches practical strategies to incorporate into the activities that you already do with your baby every day.  Participants learn how to develop their own customized plan for their baby and leave the workshop with not only their own list of baby activities, but a list of tons of new activities that they develop during the workshop.  She provides a refreshingly innovative environment that is fun, relaxed and built to stimulate the fun and creativity for helping parents develop their babies.

How to Help Build Your Baby's Brain is Less Time with More Fun

We all know parents (maybe it's us) who buy the best developmental toys, games and videos for their babies in order to give them the best start possible.  They’re the parents who worry if their baby is getting enough breast milk, having the right number of poops, crying too much and developing properly.  Walk into any grocery store and you will see them  meeting and charm the socks off everyone in the room. What should they be doing differently to save themselves time and money and to give their baby even bigger advantages?  Is it special classes?  A boutique daycare? Or is it pure luck? It’s none of the above.

Deborah reveals three surprising (and surprisingly simple) things that most parents should be doing differently.

No Parent is Perfect - Besides, Your Baby Deserves Better

For every parent who has worried that they are doing all of the right things for their baby, the Innovate Your Baby concept is a refreshingly simple fun way to give your baby early advantages that will last a lifetime.   Based on Deborah’s new book, Time You Can't Get Back this informative humorous talk is a big hit with mother's groups. Deborah reveals the ten steps that take the pressure off of parents who want to do all of the best things for their babies.

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