Building Baby’s Brain Through Touch: Baby Development through Sensation!

Every time you encourage a baby to touch something hard, soft, wet, dry, rough, smooth, crinkly or quiet he is understanding his world through sensation.  Sensation is a vital neurological system that allows a baby to understand the things in his world through touch.

You can help your baby develop his brain by giving him sensation experiences every day.  Here are some good baby development activities to start with:

Baby Development Through Touch

Try these fun activities for infant development today!
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  •  Fur.  Give your baby a stuffed animal and put your hand over his while you rub the fur back and forth.  Tell him that this is fur and it is soft.  Tip:  You can multiply his learning with this activity by helping him also gently pat the family cat or dog.  Explain that this is also fur and is soft.  Tell him 'dog fur' or 'cat fur'.
  • Flour.  Let your baby put her hand in a bowl of flour.  Ask her how it feels.  Tell her it is flour which is used for baking and that it is smooth.
  • Crinkled paper.  Wad up a section of the newspaper and hand it to your baby.  Let her feel it and scrunch it in her hands.  Tell her it is crinkly.
  • Rocks.  Take your baby outside to the beach, a pond or your own water feature.  Pick up different rocks with varying size, color and texture.  Sit down with your baby and help him feel each rock.  Explain the different textures - smooth, rough, shiny.

Remember to closely supervise your baby at all times during these activities.  Use your imagination to develop other sensation activities to help develop your baby's neurological system.  Have fun and innovate at the same time!

The complete Innovate Your Baby! program gives you dozens of detailed baby development activities that are fun and innovative and which you can start using with your baby today! 

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