Read What Parents are Saying about “Time You Can’t Get Back”

Read what parents are saying about our groundbreaking new book Time You Can’t Get Back:

“Get this book…  If you’re anything like me, you will kick yourself once you read this book because there are so many missed opportunities with your older children…things you wished you would have (and could have) done but just never did. Honestly, this is a must-have book for every parent. If you’re a new parent or know a new parent, get them this book. I promise it will be greatly received.” – B. Matthews

“This is a really good book for new parents who want to learn more about how to interact with their baby. I decided to buy this for my sister who is a first-time new mom after reviewing the activities in the book and also to use them as opportunities to spend quality/learning time with my niece. I found this book to be enjoyable and quick to read. The author includes studies that have been well-tested and researched and provides solid insight based on the results of the studies. The arrangement of the book is very user-friendly. I’ll have no problem going back to reference information in the future and will certainly value the advice as I embark on the adventure into parenting! ” Karen Cornelsen

“This is a very informative book. It stresses the importance of the first year for your baby’s development. The author even provides numerous detailed examples from her own life. My favorite piece of advice from the book was the one regarding the importance of talking to your baby for brain development and IQ. I would definitely recommend this book to new parents. Very helpful and informative” – SB

“Most dads start enjoying their baby once they start responding. This book showed me the importance of interacting with a baby starting the day you bring him home. Don’t miss out, your son or daughter really is benefiting from your interactions. The Daily 10, outlined in this book, gave me lots of fun, easy to do activities that help develop a baby’s brain and nervous system. ” – Kristi


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