As a new mom, I wanted to give my baby the best start, so I did the “Daily 10” every day. She loved it!

Like every mom, I wanted to do all the best things for my new baby.  There is so much to think about (and worry about) especially when you are a new parent.  Is she eating enough?  Is she getting enough sleep?  Did I burp her the right way? 

My daughter, AJ!

Is this poop normal?  How do I get her to latch on correctly? How can I give her the best start in life?   Luckily, I had a great pediatrician, wonderful lactation specialist and The Daily 10!  With the Daily 10, your baby gets fun daily activities and you get a stronger bond.  The best part is you are building baby’s brain and nervous system in the process! It is easy, fun, and helps build baby’s brain, language skills, and vocabulary more and more each day.  Plus, it builds your bond with baby!  Try it today.  It doesn’t take a PhD to give your baby the developmental advantage.  All it takes is some basic knowledge and a few minutes a day.  There is a ton of information available to parents to help them work with their toddler but very little information about what parents should be doing to help develop their infants.   Babies develop more during the first 12 months than at any other time in their lives.  They build neurological pathways that help them learn to talk, eat, sit up, crawl, walk, laugh, and a host of other things.    Innovate Your Baby makes it easy for you to help your baby develop! Most parents don’t understand the life long advantage they can give their babies with easy activities and interactions during the first year. From the day I brought my daughter, Alexandra (in these pictures), home from the hospital, I started a simple program with her using 10 basic principles every day.  These principles are based on science but are easy and any parent, grandparent or caregiver can put them into practice in a few minutes each day.   At 17 months, my daughter had a vocabulary of over 100 words and was saying complex sentences.   Among other things, she was also able to identify her own body parts and generalize them to figures in books and to her pet dogs and cats.   We don’t use flash cards, videos or electronic aps.  This program is based on fun activities that parents, grandparents or caregivers can do with their babies each day.

The first year of life is the biggest time of brain growth during a person's life. It is time you can't get back. Learn the easy and fun ways to help develop your baby's brain and nervous system from the first day you bring him home. Take advantage of the time you already spend with your baby to help him develop. With some simple changes in your daily interactions, you can give her a head start that will provide benefits throughout her entire life. Order our book and learn how you can get started today. $12.95

Makes a great shower or new baby gift so order more than one.  Give one to a friend so you can do the program together!  The baby in your life will be glad you did!

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