You Don’t Have to be Einstein to Get It: Super Ideas for New Parents

Baby development through touchThe easy daily baby development activities we use are rooted in science, but you don't have to be Einstein to understand it.  Browse through some of the expert thinking on which we have based our infant brain development activities.

Sensation:  Every time you encourage a baby to touch something hard, soft, wet, dry, rough, smooth, crinkly or quiet he is understanding his world through sensation.  Sensation is a vital neurological system that allows a baby to understand the things in his world through touch.   Many of the Innovate Your Baby activities incorporate sensation activities to help your baby develop that portion of his brain. 

Motor Planning:  Giving a baby opportunities to imitate your gestures and postures is vital to development of another vital part of the neurological system called motor planning.  This system allows him to plan, think, understand, integrate and implement  what he learns into efficient everyday activities.  Innovate Your Baby incorporates vital motor planning activities into its basic plan and daily activities. 

Dialogic Reading and Dialogic Living.  According to research conducted at the University of Kansas by Hart and Risley and recently interpreted by Maxwell King and Dr. Michael Robb, babies and children need not only dialogic reading but dialogic living.  Dialogic reading is reading that is interactive between parent and child.  It includes asking questions, making comments, and involving the child in the process.  According to King and Robb, "we need to expand our conceptions of dialogic reading to include the everyday interactions and experiences of young children. The talk that occurs in the course of regular activities (e.g., doing laundry, cooking, walking the dog, watching television) is dialogic living and can be every bit as important as the talk that occurs while reading a story." It is important for parents to routinely engage their infants through both dialogic reading and dialogic living.  
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