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Learn "The Daily 10" and other  simple fun ways to help develop your baby's brain from his first days at home!


With Innovate Your  Baby, we make baby brain development fun and easy.  In our new book, "Want a Smarter, Happier Baby?" we show you how to make small changes in the things you already do with your baby, to help give him brain building advantages that will put him ahead for the rest of his life.  We boil the research down for you into the very easy Daily 10 which you can start doing today with your little one.  We also teach you fun and easy activities to help build baby's brain and nervoous system every day.

Get the e book today for only $9.99

Don't forget to order the Baby Development which is designed to use with the Innovate Your Baby program and is a companion to the book Want A Smarter Happier Baby?  by Deborah L White.  The Planner is the perfect way to track all of the important daily information surrounding your baby including the innovation activities you do each day.  Not only is it the perfect way to stay organized and have all of the information about feedings (and breastfeeding),  diapers, and activities, but it also lets you keep track of activities and how your baby responded to them.  You will find yourself looking forward to recording each day's activities in your planner and referring back to what you and your baby did.  If you have a caregiver, the Planner is the best way for your family and your caregiver to stay informed about what went on with your baby each day.  It  makes a great shower gift  and is perfect for all parents of babies.

In this limited edition of the Baby Development Planner, you also get a free copy of the 7 Day Jump Start Program for helping you get started with the Innovate Your Baby Program.  This $9.95 value is included free!  Included in this limited edition:

  • Overview of the Innovation Motivation System and why it works!
  • The 7 Day Jump Start Program (free with this edition) to help you get started FAST!
  • 100 Innovation Motivation Sheets

$24.95 plus shipping and handling (currently available only in the United States)

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