Most New Parents Are Missing Easy Opportunities to Develop Baby’s Brain

New Parents:  don’t waste the first year – it’s a proven crucial time to help develop your baby’s intelligence and IQ


During the first year of life, the brain undergoes more development than at any other time.  Infant brain development helps babies learn how to speak, eat, sit up, crawl, smile, and much much more during their first year of life.  Their brains are developing huge numbers of neurological connections which lay the groundwork for the rest of their lives. One of the most widely accepted academic studies of the 20th century (Skeels, 1939) demonstrates how critically important EARLY stimulating interactions are on babies and young toddlers.  This classic study shows that stimulating interactions INCREASE IQ and lack of interaction actually DECREASES IQ.  Don’t waste the first 12 months – you can’t get that critical development time back even if you work diligently for the next 15 years.  New parents can make good use of  baby’s critical first year to help him build his brain and intelligence.

Another key research study by Hart and Risley (Hart, 1995) from the University of Kansas concluded that the way new parents and caregivers speak to kids significantly impacts I.Q., literacy, and academic success later in life.  These are not new studies.  Skeels and Dye was conducted in 1939 and Hart and Risley did their work 16 years ago.  We have known for years, even decades, that how we interact with our babies makes a profound difference in the course of their lives.  So why aren’t we doing what we need to do to help our kids?  I believe the simple answer is that most parents simply don’t know about the very easy ways they can help develop their babies’ brains and intelligence.  Many parents hear about flash cards, baby genius videos and the lastest boutique day care or preschool and think these things will give their child an advantage.  Maybe so.  Maybe not.  What has been proven for decades is that the parents themselves can actually give their child experiences that increase intelligence and IQ.  And it is EASY.

Give your Baby 15-30 extra minutes a day, and you’ll build her brain for life!

There are many simple baby development and intelligence boosting activities parents should do with their infants every day which provide significant benefits and require little else but time.   Read about them on our site.  If you take an extra 15 to 30 minutes each day to focus on making these activities part of your daily routine, you will be helping your baby build his brain, intelligence and nervous system for life.

Jump Start Baby Development and Build Your Bond at the Same Time


As you begin to work with your baby and apply the simple concepts outlined in Innovate Your Baby, you will be building much more than her brain.  The simple act of taking time to work with your child on baby development for as little as 15 minutes a day will build a strong bond that will carry through the rest of your lives.   Get started today!





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