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AJ and me!
AJ and me!

Hi.  I'm Deborah White and I founded Innovate Your Baby when I had my first child, my lovely daughter, AJ,  in my 40's and couldn't find the right information to help me build her brain during her first year.   So I read a lot and did a good deal of research and wrote "Time You Can't Get Back:  Building Baby's Brain During the First Year."  I have always been interested in Education.  I earned my BS in Education from the University of Kansas.  I went on to earn my MA in Kinesiology from the University of Northern Iowa, and became a doctoral candidate in Human Physiology at Indiana University.

I love children and find no greater gratification than helping them learn and grow in fun and meaningful ways.  After I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder, and after I finally gave birth to my little girl, I realized that education and helping kids learn was my true passion.  Today, I homeschool AJ.  I love finding fun and creative ways to continue to build her brain and motivate her to learn and learn and learn.

Every child has an amazing mind and fantastic brain.  It's super important for us to help find the ways they learn best and open new doors of knowledge to them each day.

Blessings to you and your children!



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