Ever Hear Ice Singing? Take Your Baby Outside and Build Her Brain AND Yours

Like much of the country, it's been exceptionally cold in the Midwest for several weeks.  As a result, we haven't been able to go outside every day and that is hard on everyone - my little 2 year old daughter, our dogs, and me!  This weekend it seemed to be a little warmer so we bundled up, leashed up the dogs and headed out for a walk around the ponds.  I always know that our walks will be brain building for my little girl, but today, it was brain building for me too!

As we got closer to the first pond, we both started hearing an unfamiliar noise.  AJ asked me what is was and I told her that I didn't know.  She asked if it was the froggies under the ice.  (I thought that was pretty clever of her.)   It was a good chance to talk about what happens to frogs during the winter.  (I will be looking this up to make sure I gave her factual information!)   As we got closer to the frozen pond, the sound sort of radiated over the ice and I realized that it was the ICE making these sort of singing noises.  I've hiked around frozen lakes quite a bit but never heard this before.  I told AJ that it was the ice making the noise.  We both stopped and listened.  She said, "The ice is making that sound?"  I told her that we would look it up when we got home.   As we walked around the other two ponds, we heard similar "songs" which were slightly different at each lake.  Really wonderful and interesting sounds.  AJ started to say, "That's the ice."  whenever we would hear it.

It was getting cold and I was looking forward to going inside and having a cocoa.  I also wanted to look up this ice sound to understand it and explain it to AJ.  No can do.  We walked past the cat tails and it was a must stop.  AJ picked out the one that she wanted and told me to get one too.  We both broke open the tops and watched in glee as the seeds blew through the breeze (and stuck on her freshly washed coat).    Our dog, Issac, finally sat down to watch the whole thing.

I finally had to pick AJ up to bring her in.  Once we got inside and fixed some warm cocoa for ourselves, I set out to learn more about "ice singing."  There were lots of descriptions, but the one that really grabbed me was written by German Andreas Bick on his website Silent Listening (http://silentlistening.wordpress.com/2010/01/17/ice-recordings-updated/#comment-970).  He and his readers provide some fascinating video and audio of ice songs.  It is a must read.

"Take your baby outside" is one of The Daily 10 for parents to help build our babies' brains.   Sometimes, if we pay attention, it helps build Mom and Dad's brains too.  Plus, it's a lot of fun.  Go outside with your baby today - the opportunities to build her brain are unlimited and the memories you create are priceless.  Blessings!

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